Genomic Ancestor maps.

A while ago, I had the idea of doing genome ancestor maps like this:


Which at the time only worked if you were able to directly compare a person’s genome with their grandparents.

Without living grandparents, my diagram looked pretty much like this:


The only way I’d be able to get a diagram showing what parts of my genome came from specific ancestors would be to do lots of three way comparisons between an individual, their parents*, and lots of cousins (of varying degrees).

At the time, only a handful of my autosomal matches were close, and only a couple were with paper trail confirmed relatives.  Too few to reconstruct an ancestor map.

Recently, I’ve seen an explosion in the number of know cousins that have DNA tested, so i am now getting to the stage of being able to reconstruct my ancestor genome map.

I’m currently doing seperate diagrams for paternal and maternal ancestry.  A Cone/McCormick map and a Watkins/Inkster map.

So far they look a little like this:



As you can see, I’m still experimenting with the format.  Also, these diagrams could be far more complete, except for one fact – “Ancestry” does not have a chromosome browser (which all the other major testing companies do have).

So...How can people who have tested with “Ancestry” see which parts of their genomes match ?

– by downloading their raw datafile, and uploading it to either:

Gedmatch (free & developed by a genealogist)


“My Heritage” (one of the other testing companies, which currently offers free analysis of raw data files.. – but take the “my heritage” ethnicity/ancestry % results with a grain of salt.. or maybe a truck of salt.. they can be a bit flakey sometimes).

Raw files can also be uploaded to ftdna – but a payment is required for full data analysis.

It would be super awesome if all my “Ancestry” DNA matches upload to Gedmatch and/or “My heritage”, … and as an extra bonus you’ll also be able to match with the rest of my family as well.  Most of my immediate family were tested several years ago with either 23andMe or ftdna (9 in total!).


* strictly speaking a parents results aren’t essential for creating an ancestor map from cousin comparisons, but it can add alot of extra information.  Eg. If my mother has a 3 segment match with a cousin from her father’s side of the family but i don’t have the match, then i can infer that that portion of my maternal map was inherited from my maternal grandmother instead.  I’ll explain this further in a future post (which will hopefully been sooner than four years).

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