Geno 2.0 and PF7394

Over the last 6 months, the Y-DNA tree has expanded considerably as a result of thousands of newly discovered SNP’s added to the Geno 2.0 analysis chip. Many of these SNP’s represent previously undefined sub-branches of the Y-DNA tree. One of these new SNP’s is PF7394, and prior to Geno 2.0 it was unknown to the both the genetic genealogy and academic communities, and was only known from one research sample from Sardinia.
Thanks to Geno 2.0, we also know that PF7394 is part of a larger branch within M67, that also includes M92.

This particular clade is of special interest to me because it is the branch of the Y-DNA tree that my son’s Y-chromosome belongs to. Naturally, i’m eager to know as much as possible about this new clade – how widespread it is, and how long ago the founder of the clade lived. Since it is a brand new clade, – the only way we can learn about it, is by as many PF7394+ people sharing information about where they are from, as well as comparing haplotypes (for those who have STR haplotypes), and also by checking whether any of us have any extra sub-branch SNP’s.

The map below shows the Paternal line origin of all individuals known to be PF7394+:

If the person is either in the FTDNA J or J2 projects, and their haplotype is known, I have shown their kit #, and for the remainder the information is based on the information shown in Geno 2.0 stories. If you are PF7394+ and are not in the FTDNA J or J2 projects, please contact me so I can add you to this small pool of knowledge – the more who do, the more we will know about this new clade.

If you have tested with Geno 2.0, and just know that you are PF7394+ from the Geno 2.0 “Your story” page, there are a couple of ways of finding out what other J2-M67 SNPs you are positive for. Either you can transfer your results to FTDNA and join either the J or J2 project and/or download your raw data file. I’m especially interested to know how any people are also PF7375+ (which I’m assuming was found in the same research sample that PF7394 was).

If you don’t know how to transfer your Geno 2.0 results to FTDNA, and/or how to download your raw data file, watch the Video below (no audio):

This post will continue to be updated, as new information is gained over time.


One response to “Geno 2.0 and PF7394

  1. I am a member of the Baloch race, which I believe lived in the Caucasus area around 1AD – about 2000 years ago. My paternal line is J-PF7394.

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