What comes first? Technobabble or Translation primer?

even though it seems like nothing is happening on the surface, – big things are happening behind the scenes.. it just takes a bit of time to figure out how to explain and present it best, so that it’s as understandable and relevant to everyone as it possibly can,.. (ie. not esoteric gibberish).

… wait,.. I just changed my mind… or rather, – I’ve realised that perhaps it’s not up to me to resolve my dilemma.

Basically, – I have had a dilemma over the last few months.  I’ve realised that to make the analysis content (=technobabble) accessible to everyone, I need to also write a large amount of background material (=translation primer).

Building an awesome city on a swamp would all be to waste if the sufficient foundations aren’t put in first….just think what would happen if there was an earthquake…

Presenting the results of a statistical analysis of STR markers, (and comparing these to a theoretical STR mutation model) to obtain the ultimate (=most accurate) method of clustering haplotypes, would be all to waste if sufficient background information wasn’t presented, – if it’s written solely at “scientist level”, then what use is it to the average haplogroup J2 person

I need to clearly explain the purpose for the analysis (aside from the fact that it was one of the original J2 project aims), – which includes explaining why it’s relevant to the average haplogroup J2 person.  I have an overall plan in mind of the content that I will include, – however the more foundation material I write, – the longer it will take before I can present the actual analysis results, and the longer it will be before I can create the new project structure, and have a clear idea in mind how to co-ordinate the work between all the various different admins… which means, – the longer the project transformation/transition/metamorphosis will be.  I want the transition to be as quick as possible, and I want to present the results in a way that everyone can understand.  Unfortunately I can’t do both at the same time, – it has to be one or the other,.. or something in-between….

I just realised, it would be rather good idea to resolve this stalemate by putting it to a democratic vote.

.. so,.. which option shall it be? shall I just do the analysis straight away, and get the project transformation completed as quickly as possible?, or shall I first explain what/why/and how and all the background material.  As a guestimate, – if I do the analysis first, and then explain what it all means, then it is very likely that the project transition period will be completed before the end of the year.  If I explain everything first, then it’s quite unlikely that the project transition will be completed before the end of the year (more likely to be Feb/March next year).

My “free time” when I can do project work is each week day morning when my son is at preschool.  My “office” is my parents living room, which currently also doubles (triples?) as my fathers bedroom and lately my “work”  hours seem to be either eaten away because I have to run errands for my elderly mother, or because I can’t get to the computer because my father is still asleep. An impact of the earthquakes in Christchurch is that there is an extreme housing shortage, as many people who had damaged homes can’t live in them and/or need to rent accommodation while their house is being repaired or rebuilt.  If there wasn’t a housing shortage, and I had my own office room then I’d be able to get much much more work done.  When I moved into my parents place 5 months ago, I was under the impression that  my father was going to convert his garage alcove into a room for me.  So far he’s managed to get most of his trash “very important stuff” out of the area… so there is progress,.. just infinitely slow progress.  I’m a wee bit frustrated…  I guess though,.. it’s slightly better than living under a bridge (especially considering how many bridges were thoroughly munted in the earthquakes…)

July 2012

November 2012

Of course,.. if there is another large (ie. over magnitude 6)  earthquake,.. all bets are off on how long anything will take…


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